Circulating Policy Patterns beyond Borders

The KnowandPol research applies a multi-level approach and pays particular attention to cross-national policy interactions, borrowing processes and the impact of supra-national actors on national policies. This paper discusses the diffusion and impact of supra-national knowledge flows on national policy-making, the forms of transmission of internationally produced knowledge and the patterns of national... Read more ...

Parents changing the Bavarian education Law

The role of local actors in the decision making process is mainly confined to the implementation phase of the public action. But the role of local actors must not be underestimated in other stages of the public action as they are a source of knowledge themselves when it comes to implementation problems as well as structural and economic needs on the “ground.” Local actors have proven that they can transmit scientific and expert knowledge to decision makers and can play a needed role as... Read more ...

Steering or public action?

The move from government to governance transforms the art of governing, which develops in accordance with a less hierarchical logic and involves a greater number of actors. In this way, it transforms and challenges the very functioning of democracy.

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