Regulation of end-of-life-decisions. The advance directive and the will of the patient

The case study of the German Health team analyses the societal and political attempts towards a legal regulation of end-of-life-decisions by the advance directive (living will, end-of-life-arrangement). Read more ...

The process of individualisation in the regulation of end-of-life-decisions:
From professional guaranteed certainties to the will of the patient

The will of the patient is of growing importance in the medical encounter. People are increasingly addressed as accountable decision takers, which produces questions and problems with regard to medical, legal, ethical, political and practical aspects. This is particularly true for so called end-of-life-decisions. Between the years 2003 and 2009 a vivid public debate and multiple political efforts concerning the regulation of end-of-life-decisions have taken place in Germany. At the center... Read more ...

Context or comparison?

New ways of governing often entail the development of indicators, benchmarks and other instruments of comparison. These risk failing to take into account the specificities of particular interests, particular situations and particular times with particular groups. How and why has comparison become so powerful? How might we take account of the idiosyncrasies of context?

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