The roles of experts in the educational policy-making process

The different roles and forms of expert intervention in the policy-making process tend to structure the relationship between knowledge and policy, (i.e. what type of knowledge is involved and how it is produced, received and disseminated). Read more ...

Transversal dialog: a “hybrid expertise –generating system”
torn between knowledge production and power conflicts

Transversal dialog is a “hybrid expertise –generating system”: this instrument is especially designed in a way that public authorities and mental healthcare providers get a hybrid expertise (made up of empirical and scientific knowledge) about care networks and circuits. In this paper, we describe the whole system of the transversal dialog, before of explaining the conflicts resulting from the meeting between different types of knowledge producers (field actors, users, scientific experts and... Read more ...

Actors and forms of knowledge in the special education policy field of Hungary

There are two competing hypotheses about the actors of the public action integrating SEN students. Read more ...

Knowledge or knowledges?

In post-bureaucratic modes of governance, the multiple actors involved in the policy process each develop and promote their own ways of knowing. This means that policy-makers are faced with the challenge of assimilating, ordering and making sense of diverse knowledge claims.

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