European influence on the Hungarian Special Education Policy

The European context was primarily important in drawing the overall framework of the programs, both agenda and financing. Read more ...

The WHO in Belgium: cross-level networking

Since the eighties, the Belgian mental health sector has faced several reforms. Still dominated by the hospital facilities, as the principal device for the treatment of mental diseases, this sector has initiated a long process of reform towards the development of a system of collaborative interprofessional networks aimed at the resocialization of the chronic patients. Since the beginning of the century, the World Health Organization (WHO) has become more and more active on the issue of... Read more ...

Experts or instruments?

Post-bureaucratic governance develops a multiplicity of knowledge-based instruments, which contrast and sometimes conflict with the traditional authority of experts. It also complicates the problem of governance, as each instrument fosters a certain way of seeing the world and of organizing relationships among public officials, citizens and professional and other groups.

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