Targeting as a selective practice

The point of targeting was the most interesting one in the constellations where knowledge and policy unite. One of the main functions of Education systems is selection – and especially the Bavarian school systems tends to selecting. Read more ...

Targeting knowledge within the process of knowledge transformation

To define, which children are healthy and which are not, who has "regular" and who has "special" needs in Education is traditionally a question of medical and psychological matter. For long times it seemed that these questions can be answered objectively through standardised testing and other examination methods. This seemingly objective knowledge of natural sciences has to be translated in social contents: policy has to regulate the Education of the selected children. The answer in the... Read more ...

Experts or instruments?

Post-bureaucratic governance develops a multiplicity of knowledge-based instruments, which contrast and sometimes conflict with the traditional authority of experts. It also complicates the problem of governance, as each instrument fosters a certain way of seeing the world and of organizing relationships among public officials, citizens and professional and other groups.

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