Circulating Policy Patterns beyond Borders

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The KnowandPol research applies a multi-level approach and pays particular attention to cross-national policy interactions, borrowing processes and the impact of supra-national actors on national policies. This paper discusses the diffusion and impact of supra-national knowledge flows on national policy-making, the forms of transmission of internationally produced knowledge and the patterns of national reception.

The integration of the first phase of the project (Kósa & al. 2008) was an attempt to systematically map the role played by the international institutions and the actors mediating knowledge in the national policy area. The case studies discussed herein captured how supra-national actors, networks and documents interact with local ideas when they hit the local context and contaminate national public actions. Looking at incidents borrowed from the case studies, we attempted to identify clusters of cases and characteristic manifestations of these scattered imprints of transnational policy interaction.

BAJOMI & al. (2010), Knowledge and Policy: an inseparable couple, KNOWandPOL report, 78-90.

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  • KOSA I., MAURY C., MÉLOTTE A., MOSSÉ P., OZGA J. & SCHOENAERS F. (2008), Knowledge and Policy in Education and Health, Challenging State legitimacy in 8 European countries: facts and artefacts, Orientation 1 Integrative report.

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