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A post-bureaucratic policy: the evaluation of public schools

The policy instrument under consideration is the external evaluation of public schools carried out in Portugal since 2005, under the pressure for external evaluation policies coming from the European Union (EU) new mode of governance. Read more ...

Studying PISA: Major concepts
(public policy, regulation, policy instrument and knowledge based policy instrument)

Public policies are conceived as Programs of action promoted by the public authorities (Meny and Thoenig, 1989) focused on the identification and solution of collective problems, including not only the production of guidelines for action (values, goals, norms) but also the management of the collective action needed to actually implement those guidelines. However, public authorities (politicians and upper level civil servants) are not the only relevant actors in policy making. The growing... Read more ...

Knowledge transformation phases in the design and implementation
of a knowledge based regulation instrument

The case under consideration illustrates the growing role of knowledge as an instrument of regulation in educational policy, under the on-going trend to the development of new governance strategies based on the “post-bureaucratic” mode of regulation. Read more ...

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