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PISA in Romanian Context

Since the focus in orientation 3 was put on regulatory instruments, our team conducted research on the diffusion and use of PISA in the romanian education. Central research questions were put on the knowledge producing and knowledge circulating role of this instrument, the team had tried to explore - next to the context of PISA - the process of implementation, the information transmited by the PISA results and the use of these results, the characteristics of dissemination and social... Read more ...

The Community action programme in the Romanian education

The report on the first public action of orientation 2 provides the analysis of Community Action Programme (CA) implemented in Romania between 2003- 2009. The report discusses the knowledge-policy relation, the use of knowledge in the process of decision-making, implementation and evaluation in the case of CA. Considering the course and methodology of the research a complex process took place. Interviews were conducted, document, event and website analysis was done, media materials and CA... Read more ...

The role of foreign institutions and experts in the evolution of the decentralization process

The public action under consideration is the decentralization of the pre-university education system, in that the number and role of the actors is very varied. This section discusses the role of international actors in the public action. Read more ...


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