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The WHO in Belgium: cross-level networking

Since the eighties, the Belgian mental health sector has faced several reforms. Still dominated by the hospital facilities, as the principal device for the treatment of mental diseases, this sector has initiated a long process of reform towards the development of a system of collaborative interprofessional networks aimed at the resocialization of the chronic patients. Since the beginning of the century, the World Health Organization (WHO) has become more and more active on the issue of... Read more ...

The organization of mental healthcare in laboratory: life and death of an assessment tool

Under reconstruction for about the last thirty years, mental health in Belgium started in the second half of the years 2000 a new reconversion phase. Aiming at de-institutionalizing the existing institutions by promoting network practices, the upcoming reform had to be preceded by an ambitious experimentation phase to test the new care model. This experimental policy, which was often called « therapeutic projects in mental health», was actually made of two large aspects. On the one hand,... Read more ...


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