Article from the author : VOLD HANSEN Gunnar

Norway, Mental Health and WHO

The relationship between Norway and WHO with respect to mental health is embedded in a long tradition of Norwegian support of the organization. Generally, the indication is that Norway is giving WHO high priority, reflected in offering it extensive financial support and expertise. However, in mental health this relationship seems far more complex and ambiguous than would be expected on the basis of this tradition, for cultural and knowledge-related as well as structural issues. One might... Read more ...

Mental health in Norway: Actors, organization and knowledge

The report presents and discusses the Norwegian Mental Health field in three parts: The first part offers a diachronic overview over major developments in the field. The next part describes the structure, the prevailing knowledge and important actors, and the third part discusses some aspects of mental health policy developments that seem important for the relationship between knowledge and politics in the mental health field in... Read more ...


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